VENTURA — The League of United Latin American Citizens will meet with Assemblymember Das Williams and State Sen. Hannah Beth Jackson at its monthly meeting beginning at 9 a.m. Saturday, June 1 at Clinicas Del Camino Real, 200 So. Wells Road, Ventura, the organization reported in a media report.

The meeting will focus on AB 955, Community colleges: intersession extension programs.

“On May 25, 2013, California LULAC unanimously voted to oppose AB 955 authored by Assemblymember Das Williams (AD37) because AB 955 would create a two-tier class pricing resulting in an increase of community college tuition rates by 400% and provide a special educational advantage to students able to pay the higher fee,” LULAC reported.

“LULAC does not agree with Assemblymember Williams and we are disappointed he has chosen not to instead champion the rights of all students for whom community colleges are their only gateway into higher learning,” said Maria Elena Cruz, Ph.D., Chair of the Education Commission, LULAC – Ventura County. “We are now engaging members of the California Assembly and others to urge Assemblymember Williams to withdraw this ill-conceived idea.”

Source: Amigos805 May 30, 2013