Members of the board of directors of District 17 met with Assembly Member Jeff Gorell on Oct. 9. The meeting, requested by Gorell, was an effort by his office to outreach to the Latino community on legislative issues.

The meeting provided LULAC leaders with an opportunity to discuss AB955, the bill authored by Assembly Member Das Williams that sets up a two tier system for tuition at California Community Colleges. LULAC strongly opposed the measure and voiced concern to Assemblymember Gorell regarding his support for the bill.

LULAC members also advised Assembly member Gorrell of our concern regarding the Antera Chemical Disposal injection Well (between Rose and Rice in Oxnard) approved by the State Div. of Oil and Gas Department.

LULAC is very concerned that the chemical waste from fracking is currently contaminating drinking water. In addition, LULAC expressed concern about air pollution and soil contamination from the site.

Gorell’s office is also pursuing the eventual removal of the Mandalay and Ormond beach power plants.

Gorell pledged to meet with LULAC representatives in January for a discussion on proposed legislation for the next session of the California Legislature.

Attending the meeting were LULAC Environmental Commission Chair Lupe Anguiano, Board Member Debra Cordes, and LULAC State Vice President, Dave Rodriguez.