On Tuesday Oct. 22, the Ventura County Board of Supervisors transferred $40,652 from the Ventura Riverbed Cleanup and Relocation fund to assist several families displaced by an October 4 fire in Oxnard. The blaze destroyed several buildings housing mostly farm worker families, many of which have young children.

Doing the right thing doesn’t always garner public support. In this case government officials responded to a public need and acted within their scope as caring public officials.

LULAC commends the board for their wisdom in addressing the critical need for emergency housing for these families. This will buy precious time for these families to seek other housing so they can return.

The public should be justifiably proud that we reside in a county where elected officials go the extra mile to serve the needs of constituents. We can think of some places that don’t enjoy that level of representation from elected officials.

Supervisor Linda Parks remarked that she “couldn’t think of a better use for it” (funds), we wholeheartedly agree.