VC LULAC members; Dave, Jo Ann, JB, and Dallas made outstanding comments at the DOGGR Hearings Wednesday Jan 8th 2014 in Ventura. Dave was acknowledged by the large crowd several times, as he spoke. Both JB and Dallas were a big hit, as usual – also cheered by the Crowd – reporters came to speak to them both, it was truly great! These youth are an example of leadership and civic engagement.



Anterra Chemical Waste Fracking Disposal Well – located in the middle of our City of Oxnard, CA Strawberry Fields, where we live. Lupe and Stewards of the Earth and LULAC are asking Governor Brown to conduct an Environmental Study of the impact this Well is having on the Air we breathe, our scarce Water Sources, and the contamination of our Soil that produces the food we consume. This Anterra Well needs to be closed and outlawed.

CALIFORNIA NEWS: Californians Against Fracking (CAF)

San Francisco Board of Supervisors, Unanimously vote to Halt Fracking. As you know VC LULAC, CA LULAC and Stewards of the Earth are part of “CAF Network” as the matter of fact Lupe Anguiano was one of the original founders.

More Importantly, Our VC LULAC – Dave Rodriguez and Laura Espinoza lead the CA LULAC Fracking Ban at LULAC’s CA Convention, May 2013. Million thanks to our friends at Center for Biological Diversity (Rose Braz & Team) and Food and Water Watch (Adam Scow) who have lead our CAF Network.

As most of you know, the City of Los Angeles also placed a Halt on Fracking. Now it is time for Ventura County Board of Supervisors to place a Halt on Fracking and move to clean-up the Anterra Well of Wooley Road. The SB 4 Regulations will not protect the water we drink, the air we breathe or the soil that produces the food we consume. In the two testimonies Lupe presented at DOGGR Hearings in Ventura and Santa Maria she indicated the Regulations seem like they were developed at the Corporate Room of Occidental Petroleum, Vantage Petroleum and Exxon Mobile.