Thank you Dr. Roberto Vargas for facilitating and hosting our strategic planning retreat for LULAC District 17.

            LULAC board members and active supports meet on April 23, 2018, for a planning and team-building workshop to develop LULAC’s 2018-19 Annual Plan.  The accomplishments included affirmation of a LULAC vision, approval of strategic priorities for 2018-19, clarification of board member responsibilities, and planning regarding the LULAC 2018 calendar, and assignments on priority activities.

LULAC Strategic Priorities for 2018-19

  1. Protect immigrant communities.
  • Educate community regarding immigrant rights.
  • Support legislation that protects all immigrants, particularly DACA, and provides a path to citizenship.
  • Support community mobilizations that support immigrant families.
  • Educate community regarding the 2020 Census and its use to determine resources for the community.
  1. Advance public accountability to our Latino communities.
  • Increase accountability of all school districts and the community college system to provide quality education and ensure learning success for our diverse Latino community.
  • Maintain accountability of our elected officials as to the needs, concerns and to programs we view as necessary for Latino community well-being.
  • Educate our community regarding our civic responsibility, voter registration, and election issues vital to our communities.
  1. Latino youth success and leadership through Education
  • Engage youth participation within LULAC via our programs, outreach, and youth councils
  • Support youth success by providing resources and training opportunities, i.e., scholarships, field-trips, and participation in youth councils.
  • Support the development Ethnic Studies as a mandatory program for public schools.


Retreat Participants:

Rick Castaniero, District Director, Jose Barrera, Debra Cordes, Laura Espinosa, Rosa Gonzalez, Delia Guerreo, Sergio Lagunas, Salvador Lianos, Martha Navarete, Joe Ramirez, Isabel Hernandez, Cynthia Salas