Dear LULAC District 17,

Please help support efforts of LULAC de Camarillo #3284 to pass a racial justice resolution written by Camarillo’s Vice Mayor Susan Santangelo and Councilmember Mulchay at the Camarillo City Council on Wednesday July 8th,  2020. Currently the city of Camarillo has received approximately 500 letters in opposition and 98 letters in favor of such efforts! You do not need to live in Camarillo to send a letter of support.

 We NEED each and every one of you AND EVERYONE YOU KNOW LOCALLY to please send a letter to Camarillo’s city council addressing your support of this racial justice resolution which will be voted on July 8th. Additionally you can ask the city of Camarillo to review the process to understand police operations.

Below is a link to the letter template you can use.
This link allows you to submit comments to the city council: