Ventura County LULAC District 17 and the County of Ventura met on Wednesay, October 7th to start the journey of addressing systemic racism within the law enforcement agencies and the criminal justice system. This is the first of many meetings to start the process of dismantling systemic racism.

Leading the meeting was our District Director Cynthia Salas, with the support of our Immediate Past Director Laura Espinosa, Interim Director of Women and LULAC de Camarillo Council President Dr. Martha Martinez-Bravo, Director of Youth Angel Castañon, and District Secretary Elizabeth Riddle.

Ventura County LULAC would like to acknowledge Chief Executive Officer Mike Powers for initiating communication with our District Director Cynthia Salas to seek the support of LULAC District 17 in addressing systemic racism.

County Departments Represented & Attendees included:

Chief Executive Officer, Mike Powers

Deputy Director Community Liaison, Rosa Gonzalez

Ventura County Sheriff William Ayub

District Attorney Greg Totten

Human Resources Director Shawn Atin

Public Defender, Todd Howeth

Public Defenders Office, Claudia Bautista

Child Support Director, Marcus Mitchell

Behavioral Health Director, Dr. Sevet Johnson

Deputy Executive Director Matt Escobedo

Chief Probation Officer, Mark Varela

Chief Scott Whitney , Oxnard Police Chief