Hello District 17,

The December General District meeting will be replaced by the LULAC Mujeres Virtual Summit. This is a great opportunity to see and hear from some of the most distinguished female leaders in LULAC.

The summit will take place on Saturday, December 5th from 8am – 12pm PST.

You must register to attend the event.
A link to register for the event can be found here. Registration is free.

For more information about the summit, including the agenda and list of speakers, follow this link.

Information about this event from the LULAC Women’s Summit Website:

“The mission of the LULAC National Commission for Women is to empower Latinas throughout the country to be exemplary leaders in their families, communities, and workplaces. The commission understands that through education, economic and leadership development and political empowerment women can positively impact change in their community.

The conference will focus on the political and social challenges that affect women. The conference will also highlight Latinas’ accomplishments in public service and will feature personal stories of women who have overcome adversity. The conference gathers distinguished leaders and issue experts to lead plenaries on women’s health, entrepreneurship, leadership, and civic mobilization.”